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Six albums, each one made of six tracks, all of them lasting 36 minutes per each. Inspired as a concept-project to Stephen King’s 'The Dark Tower', Richard Wagner's 'The Nibelung Ring' and the 'Six Suites for Cello' and 'Brandeburgos Concerts' by J.S. Bach. A global concept where each element has an its own characteristic, but closely linked to the previous and the next one. The project moves from a black metal matrix and includes folk, jazz, classical music and avant-garde as well. For this chapter the violist/violinist P-Kast has been added to the band. Each album will be released every six months, and on January, 1st 2016 the saga DAWN OF A DARK AGE will be completed.




Is one of the most extreme avant-garde/experimental black/death metal band from Italy. The sound takes inspiration from nature and band like Windir, Belphegor, Shining and also from composers such as Bartòk, Stravinsky, Debussy, John Zorn. The band is led by the multiinstrumentalist Vittorio Sabelli, who has been active like composer, saxophonist and clarinetist in the classical, jazz and avant-garde scene for over 15 years. The project “The Six Elements” is his “personal eclectic approach on black metal music“ and for the first time classical instruments like clarinet, saxophone, viola and violin are blended and mixed with the black metal matrix.


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