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Dawn Of A Dark Age - The Six Elements, vol.1 EARTH            € 12,00

Limited Edition 50 copies                                                               

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FORMAT  CD                             LABEL Self-produced               RUNNING TIME 36.00 min.     MUSIC STYLE Black Metal       HOMECOUNTRY Italy               RELEASE DATE 01-07-2014                                                     TRACKLIST  

01. Cold Winter 7.14   

02. The Last Prayer 5.46

03. Raped Earth 5.07

04. Eurynomos Army 4.33

05. Dawn Of A Dark Age 7.58

06. Outro n.1 5.17


Music and Lyrics by 

Vittorio Sabelli

Dawn Of A Dark Age Mp3

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EARTH is the debut album of the Italian’s black metal band DAWN OF A DARK AGE, formed by the multi-instrumentalist Vittorio Sabelli (Eurynomos) and the vocalist Pierluigi D’Amario (Buran).


This is the first of six albums inspired by the five elements (earth, water, air, fire, spirit) plus an additional one. Each of the six albums will be composed by six tracks. A global concept where each element has its own unique characteristic, starting from a raw black metal matrix, and including folk and avant-garde elements.


To better understand the album, every single track has to be considered in relation to the previous and the next one. The same kind of relationship links together all the six albums composing “THE SIX ELEMENTS”. Each album will be out every six months and in July 1st 2017 “The Six Elements” will be completed and brought together under the same dark sky, and the DAWN OF A DARK AGE will begins.

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